Annie Moses Band

New TV Airings Schedule Online

If you want to catch the Annie Moses Band on tv this season, look no further than this: The AMB Television Airings Schedule for Christmas 2011!

  1. Jana A Wood December 23, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    Hello Wolavers and band,
    I’m very surprised that you have nothing on your site about the fact that you were on DAYSTAR Christian network out of Dallas yesterday, 12/22/2011.
    Last night I called my alma mater, Tulsa University, and asked security who I’d speak to for you to perform in the brand new Lorton Music Hall. They just opened it for the new semester in September 2011. It’s “state of the art” fantastic! (TU is a very wealthy university because of many wealthy contributors, PRAISE GOD!)
    Because you have been sooo excellently trained and are Christian, I think you could inspirer students at TU as well as be exceptional witnesses to Tulsa. I did get a telephone number for what department to contact. I’m going to call them when school is back in session.
    I really enjoyed your performance on DAYSTAR. I get to watch that program time slot three times a day if I choose. I have it on all 3 TVs where I live right now in Vestaburg, Mi. in the middle of the state. A childhood neighbor has some severe issues in her life and I “had” to come here in February 2008. Pray for Linda and my Mother Neoma Wood. Pray for a peaceful resolution to her issues. The Lord gave me a ‘Word of Knowledge’ in 2010. She knows and wants Jesus as her Savior.
    I’ll try to attend a performance if you are close to me. I saw you in person in Lansing, Mi. when you performed at Great Lakes Christian College, my first college out of high school, and one that our Vestaburg Church of Christ(instrumental)supports. I believe it was 2 or 3 years ago.
    I PRAISE GOD for your family’s and band members’ wonderful gifts and talents. I’m always interested in your group.
    Have a beautiful and Merry Christmas and a Happy 2012!!! Sincerely, Jana :)

  2. Jeannie Cross December 29, 2011 at 3:55 am

    I saw you on Daystar and also on Cornerstone, altogether 3 times! Truly the Lord is
    blessing and anointing each of you and your
    music, touching the hearts of so many! Presently I can’t do it but I plan to get ALL
    of your CD’s and DVD’s and will be introdusing your music to my friends. I formerly taught at a music conservatory in
    Canada training praise ministeries. That’s
    where I fell in love with the violin. I
    taught art (they wanted to incorporate art)
    and I am a painter. I plan to paint to your
    music and hopefully when I start classes
    again play your music in my art classes! I
    so identify with you and your music and will
    be praying for each of you! Jeannie Cross

  3. Barry January 6, 2012 at 2:58 pm

    I became a fan Christmas day when i saw AMB on PBS TV. I would love it if they could come to the Athens, GA area in 2012!

  4. Barry January 13, 2012 at 3:20 am

    I saw the AMB for the first time on PBS TV Christmas Day 2011…I instantly became a fan! Please come to Athens, GA!



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