Annie Moses Band

June 2010, Part 2

In late June, we loaded up and left hot, humid Tennessee for the more hot and humid climate of the land of peaches: Georgia. We had a very pleasant drive down in our air-conditioned vehicles (thank you, modern technology!), and arrived in Atlanta early Saturday evening. After a satisfying repast, the good old boys drove to the venue to set up for Sunday’s church services, while we more delicate, feminine creatures rested peacefully in our comfortable, cozy chambers and did arduous, creative activities.

The next day we had a very pleasant morning. We were treated to a breakfast with some delicious cheese pastries, and then praised the Lord with an hour-long song service. Afterwards we loaded up as quick as possible and drove an hour south, where we were greeted by the good people at First Baptist Church Lilburn, that have been our friends for the course of five years. We set up, sound-checked, and dressed, and then we played a concert for an absolutely lovely crowd. Thanks for the energy, guys! Once the concert was over, the guests had departed, and all the gear had been torn down by our hearty boys, we had a splendid time in fellowship and food with the before-mentioned friends.

We got some good shut-eye, and then arose early on Monday morning to drive an hour back across Atlanta to play at the chapel which is held every week at the Chick-Fil-A headquarters. We had a splendid time. After being treated to a delectable breakfast and some very good conversation, we played a chapel for the friendly, dynamic audience. Once the concert was finished, we greatly enjoyed a tour of the headquarters, complete with fun Truett Cathy memorabilia, an incredible museum of collectible cars (a batmobile was even a part of the collection) fascinating sculptures, and even some sneak peeks and yummy tastes of future Chick-Fil-A additions to their menu.

After such fun entertainment, we all loaded up and drove back to Nashville in some blessedly cloudy weather. Once home we were greeted with a yard just refreshed with rain and the promise of a good night’s rest before the morrow.


“Faith, Family & Music” on NRB Network Tonight

The new Annie Moses Band television documentary, “Faith, Family, & Music”, is making its debut on the NRB Network tonight! Click here for showtimes and more info.

Please tune in, and we hope you enjoy it!

AMB Special “Faith, Family, & Music” Debuts Tonight

Tune In to the Daystar Network on Saturday, June 19, 2010 at 7:30pm to see this brand-new documentary featuring the Annie Moses Band.

Stay tuned to for a full list of airtimes and stations.

In Proverbs 22:6, the Bible reads, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” A wise pastor once said, “Train up a child in the way he should go, follow it yourself, and he will follow you.” How very true!

In the upcoming television show, “Annie Moses Band: Faith, Family and Music”, we feature an extraordinary family that exemplifies how living for God is not only right but truly living.

The story starts with, Annie Moses, who is the band’s namesake. Annie worked in Texas as a hired field hand in the cotton field. She did her best to nurture the musical gifts in her daughter, Jane and by doing so, those seeds of faithfulness and loving sacrifice blossomed through the generations.

The Lord gave Annie’s granddaughter Robin a divine idea in college. Robin Wolaver says, “We had some Suzuki violinists that came and played in our music survey class. There was a little-bitty girl from Asia, and she was so tiny and cute. She had a violin… God spoke to me at that point and said, ‘When you have a little girl, they should do that.’ And, Robin did give birth to a beautiful little girl and named her….Annie. Five more children followed but having a band with six kids certainly wasn’t in their plans.

“We didn’t have any idea this would happen,” says Bill Wolaver. “We did want a large family and wanted to have children.”

Annie says, “As each child came of age, our parents really prayed and considered our talents and our personalities to determine what the best instrument would be. Things just kind of grew gradually from there.”

Around four years old, they each began lessons at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music. During those early years, the children accepted Christ. Their parents encouraged them with prayer, patience and one-on-one practice sessions.

“Eventually practicing becomes like homework,” Alex, second oldest, explains. “You didn’t want to do it anymore than you do your homework. But mom’s rule was always you can quit anytime as long as you’re not down. You have to quit after you’ve had something extremely successful happen — a competition you’ve won or a performance. But when that happens you never want to quit.”

Their discipline paid off. Annie, Alex and Benjamin studied at the Julliard School of Music on scholarship. During that time they felt a God-given desire to form a family band. They never looked back.

Ben says, “It’s just so much fun playing with my siblings. It’s just a really invigorating experience.”

“I have just learned so much about Jesus and trusting in Him through this process,” Annie says. “We grew up reading all these wonderful Psalms where it talks about praising Him with the strings and playing skillfully. So hopefully we will be able to make His praise glorious.”

Anne says, “The Annie Moses Band is really a celebration of four generations of that legacy of faith and family and music coming together and hopefully creating something that’s a very powerful message for our generation.”

Tune in to the Daystar network on Saturday June 19, 2010 at 7:30pm to experience this wonderful program. You will not want to miss it!

June 2010, Part 1

June came upon us in all its hot, sunny glory. The work at home kept us very busy. Between getting ready for the Fine Arts Summer Academy, writing songs and musicals, recording, and doing all the regular AMB business, our days have been full. When the first Friday of the month came, however, we were able to take a much-needed break from the onslaught of things to do to drive to Franklin, North Carolina.

On Saturday night we played at the Smoky Mountain Theater, a beautiful center for family-friendly entertainment, surrounded by all the hotels, restaurants, and sports one needs to complete the fun. After being treated to a yummy supper at the steakhouse, which boasted a delicious strawberry shortcake, we played an enjoyable concert for an energetic, attentive audience.

That night we drove a couple hours down to Maryville, Tennessee, where we were set to play Sunday. The men arose very early Sabbath morning to set up, and the women followed them soon after for soundcheck. The morning services went very well, and afterwards we were blessed to catch an extended nap at the hotel. That night there was a full house to hear the concert, and afterwards we enjoyed a delectable supper with a splendid arugula salad. Afterwards we drove the three hours home, sleeping on the way (except for the poor drivers…) so that we could meet the work of the next day with fresh minds.