Annie Moses Band

April 2010, Part 2

Nacogdoches, TX. Land of tumbleweed, cowboys, and big blue skies. Country of friendly faces, kindred company, and sizzling summers. After winding our way down South-West we found ourselves in this Texas town nestled in between the expansive flatlands.

We greatly enjoyed our time there. That Sunday morning we were blessed to hear a very wise, deep sermon on holiness, which was inspiring, nurturing, and faith-building, along with the beautiful hymns and psalms sung. The concert that night was full and fun, and we were even able to see some dear friends from the Fine Arts Summer Academy afterwards.

On the way home we stopped in at our maternal grandparents living deep in the Kiamichi Mountains of South-Eastern Oklahoma, and camped out there for several days. We loved the vacation! The countryside was beautiful in the Spring weather, and the lovely fellowship of our sweet grandparents and the calm environment of their home refreshed our spirits.

Back home for one day, and then out again before dawn Saturday morning for Wilkesboro, NC. To arrive at our destination we took a delightful route through the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we were able to see the vivid green and spacious beauty of old forests, the exuberant beauty of blooming redbuds, and the pure loveliness of the white dogwood trees.

When we arrived we were immediately welcomed by some very, very sweet people, with such kindred hearts and friendly spirits! That night Robin, or more often called Mama in our household, spoke to the audience assembled on the Judeo-Christian ethics set forth in Genesis 3 as the way of salvific living. The words the Lord has put in her heart were very inspiring to us all. The next morning we played a full concert, worshipping Yahweh through music, and were so happy to see so many lovely little people in the service. Children do give such life and light.

After a delicious lunch, in which we had the privilege of conversing with these good, good friends, we loaded up in our vehicles and drove away. The blossoming mountains of North Carolina melted away into the green forests of Tennessee, and, late that night, we found ourselves once more at our dear, sweet home, where the grass is carpeted with violets and sunflowers and dandelions…


April 2010, Part 1

The plum tree outside the kitchen window was just blossoming into snowy-white brilliance when the Annie Moses Band landed on the road again. This time, rather than south to Florida, we travelled north to Indiana. It was a very pretty drive, with farms and fields and forests gracing the view out the car windows.

We arrived in Columbus a few hours after sundown and settled ourselves in to the Hotel Indigo. The hotel was very beautiful and unusual, with colorful, Eastern decorations, and architecture styled after Fibinachi’s ‘golden ratio’, which architecture we found rather intriguing, because of our song of the same name. The mathematical evaluations made the rooms feel airy and cozy at the same time, and very comfortable.

Next morning, bright and early, we all dressed and headed to the church-house to celebrate Palm Sunday. The service was wonderful, with the sacred observance of the Lord’s Supper. The sanctuary, built after the model of the Jewish Temple, provided amazing natural reverberations to enhance the music. After the concert that night, we journeyed back to the hotel, and from thence, the next morning, returned to Nashville.

Only three days later, after some hectic laundry turn-around, we loaded up once more to travel South to Florida, which, in the now balmy weather of Tennessee, was promising a very hot climate. We came, at long last, Thursday night, to Port Saint Lucie. A very beautiful town, with a lovely Starbucks merely minutes from the hotel, and the ocean only a few miles away.

The next night, after a leisurely day of load-in and preparation, we ate a delicious supper prepared by some of the church’s own, with a repast that included at least four too many helpings of the delectable broccoli casserole. Gretchen and I were quite in despair of ever being able to put down our forks! Afterwards, very full and warm, we performed for a very fun, rowdy crowd. Thanks, guys, for all the energy!

On the following morning we were blessed to discover the Berry Fresh Café, originally of Port Saint Lucie, that had some of the best food we have ever eaten…seriously (not that we needed more food after the previous supper!). Along with pineapple upside-down pancakes, homemade ice-cream, blueberry fritters, and other incredible food, they had a delicious spread of healthy options, such as whole-grain pancakes, broached pear and spinach salad, and loose-leaf tea. This, added to the beauty of communing outside under a sunny Florida sky, created a most perfect experience.

That afternoon we drove a couple hours to Wauchula, FL, accompanied by the view of acres upon acres of orange farms (I really wanted to get out and pick one, just for the experience, but I forbore, as there was no one to pay for the pleasure…). That night we enjoyed getting to meet and visit with our hosts and hostesses, and the next morning we played at the church in celebration of Easter morning. The resurrection of the Way, the Truth, and the Life gave great joy to our hearts!

After the services we were delighted to see some good friends, who brought a delicious basket of Floridan fruit with them, complete with lovely napkins designed after paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Thanks so much to all your family! After a fun lunch with the church staff, we loaded back into our vehicles and drove on home, where we were to see a plum tree now fully, brilliantly green, with its strong branches housing many vivacious squirrels and robins.

Happy Spring!